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Ok, before we go any further let's figure out if Talk British To Me is right for you!





I can help you give a more Authentic read for VO or On-Camera audition. I focus on your individual British accent needs as an actor.  I will help you overcome your confusion to all the wonderful You Tube “How to videos” with all the golottal stops, Alveoal taps and the liquid “ewes” ….and…..Dipthongs, Rhotic Diphtongs and triphthongs. Baffled?


Talk British to me!


Need a British monologue?  Can help with that! (remembering that theatre monologues do not always work for film)


Have an URGENT AUDITION?? Over the weekend? I can help you. This is what I do.

(anything to get out of doing the garden)


Hours – I can accommodate your schedule if I am not involved in a production. I can also do daytimes and evenings.


I can also record any dialogue for you and send in mp3 format! So you can practice, practice, practice!




Nope, not a speech ”ferrapist”


I cannot reduce your lovely southern/northern/midwestern accent


I cannot advise you where to stay for your ‘oliday in Blighty


No, I have not had tea with the Queen


Yes, I did meet Princess Diana, but there was 500 other people there too! (Stop Asking!)


What I Do

What I Don't Do


Super Official Proof of a British Accent! See, I lived in that corner bit!



A few quick tid-bits about me

AUTHENTIC BRITISH – 100% proficient with this accent.

Been in US for 20 years, 2 spent in Singapore.

Directed and Acted in numerous theatre and musical theatre productions  - in UK, Singapore & USA.  Three continents of experience!

About 20 years ago (from 2016) I arrived in the USA with 20 boxes, 3 suitcases and a 3 year old Boy.

Always loved British comedies with American actors.  I bloody love Americans!

Directed British comedies with actors from around the globe.

Excellent British humor and timing, “nudge nudge say no more!”

Let me focus on your individual need as an Actor/VO Talent

About Sarah Mitchell



The word Accent comes from the Latin accentus, which means "the intonation of singing."

Still with me? Excellent! You can Contact me below or head over to to the Experience section if your interested in credentials.







Cancellation Policy - 8 hours notice is required


Payment is accepted by PayPal


Rates? Everyone learns at different speeds and some have a “better ear for accents.” We'll chat for the initial 15minutes of out session so I can gauge what you will need from me. Rates will be discussed accordingly.

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Sarah Mitchell: Voice Actor, Actor, and British Talent is based in Atlanta, GA.



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